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A symbol of historical ties between S'pore and Malaysia

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JB residents still hope for bridge to Singapore.

I cannot understand why the Johor government is lobbying for support from its residents for the Causeway to be demolished and rebuilt. It claims the move will ease traffic in the city with the new Customs, Immigration and Quarantine complex in Johor Baru.

Built in 1923, the Causeway is a symbol of historical ties between Singapore and Malaysia. One must accept that a bridge that links two countries reflects the unity they share. The future generation will inherit this fact about the two countries.

Tearing down the Causeway and building a new structure may change the skyline but will wreck part of our heritage. I therefore disagree with the proposal to replace the Causeway with a 'crooked' bridge - which would reflect an unhealthy relationship.

Instead, I suggest the Causeway be upgraded by expanding the lanes sideways.

Also, the Second Link is the best connection to the Iskandar Malaysia region. Was that not its main purpose, after all?

To maximise usage at the Second Link at all times, I urge the authorities in both countries to reduce toll charges to the same level as at the Causeway. This will enhance the boost expected in the Johor economic region and ease traffic flow as well.

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